Making life’s most important decisions based on informed life lessons taught by Eric Daddario

Outline of Eric’s talk

Eric’s talk is based on real life circumstances that continue to have a tremendous affect on him, his family, and others. From this presentation the audience learns how the decisions they’re making now, can and will have long term affects on their future. And those decisions, be it negative or positive, will determine the path they take in life.

The choices we make today can have lifelong implications.

making decisions

The audience hears stories of situations that present both good and bad resolutions. Eric critiques the decision making process to help the audience understand how to make a more informed decision. He bridges this into substance abuse by adressing the risks involved with impulsive decision making.

Life can be broken down into a series of pivotal choices that combine to form your journey through it and lead you to where you are today. Sometimes we don’t even recoginize we’re making a choice, even during some of the most important moments of our lives. Choices like whether you stay or leave when you see somebody using drugs at a party. Looking back it’s impossible to see the lasting effects some of these choices will have on us but they form a pattern over time to construct a framework of your behavior, and ultimatley form who you will become as a person. That’s why it’s so important to be aware when we are in a position to make a choice, and are sure to make the right one.

- Anonymous recovering addict

About Eric

Public Speaker

Eric took on public speaking after his younger brother Brendan passed away due to an opiate overdose. No stranger to tragedy and loss he took the time to reflect on how some of the tragic moments in his life ended up that way. He thought a lot about how the choices we make shape our lives and built his message around these decisions.

In today’s culture Eric believes his message is more important than ever. A message the next generation, and their parents, need to hear. So when those pivotal moments in someone’s life are presented, people make informed decisions that can keep themĀ  on a path towards a happy future.

At the end of the talk Eric informs the students on how to seek help themselves or someone they know if that person is struggling.

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